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S£x Workers Reveal Positions That Might Help Prevent Coronavirus

Since March 16, Switzerland temporarily banned prostitution as part of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

ProCoRé, which urged the Swiss government to lift the restrictions as a matter of urgency, said that the current ban was giving rise to illegal s£x work and creating safety issues.

Prostitution in the country is legal and regulated, but human trafficking and most forms of pimping are illegal.

As part of a plan to reopen the s£x industry, ProCoRé released a list of best practices guidelines earlier this month.

Under ProCoRé’s plan, sexual positions that avoid face-to-face contact, like doggy style and reverse cowgirl, are advisable. Kisses, and other face-related services, are not.

Sessions would be limited to 15 minutes and kept to a strict schedule. Rooms would be aired out for 15 minutes in between clients, and sheets should be washed after every encounter.

Lingerie would be washed with disinfectant detergent in between sessions, under the plan.

ProCoRé also recommended “wearing a mouth and nose cover” for all services.

Contactless payments would be encouraged for customers, who would have to offer their real names for a contact sheet that would be available for up to four weeks to aid with contact-tracing in case someone does get infected.

ProCoRé, in a letter to Swiss government officials, said that the negative effects of the ban on the s£x trade are “significant and serious.” 

The organization hopes to get the green light for brothels to reopen when the next round of lockdown measures are rolled back on June 8.

“In the light of current developments, we do not see the need for a new restriction on trade and we consider it disproportionate and contrary to the principle of equal treatment,” ProCoRé wrote.

n related news, s£x workers in “dire and desperate” circumstances across the UK are continuing to see clients during the lockdown, potentially exposing themselves and others to coronavirus, according to charities and s£x worker organisations.

“We are facing a massive crisis,” said Niki Adams from the English Collective of Prostitutes. “No one wants to be flouting the rules and putting themselves and others in danger, but those who are still working literally have no other choice.”

On one adult website, there were 800 s£x workers across the UK “available to book” on Thursday, with approximately 150 of those in London. Adams said that many of those would not be working, but would be using the site to keep their profiles active in the hope that potential customers could be persuaded to pay for phone or cam s£x. But others had not stopped work because they had no other income, no savings or had returned to work when rent and bills were due.

While the charity’s usual focus was improving women’s futures, it was now simply trying to stop their lives becoming worse. One woman had described her fear of daily visits to the hospital to get methadone and of other people bringing infection into her hostel. She said food donations to the hostel had stopped, and when she spoke to the charity she had not eaten for days.







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